Die englische Ausgabe meines Bilderbuches „Das Dunkle und das Helle, illustriert von Julie Völk, wird auf einem taiwanesischen Blog empfohlen! Große Freude!
Es berührt mich, dass diese Geschichte Menschen weltweit erreicht. 

The Dark and the Light
[…] The book presents the story in a poetic way and shows […] the many faces of life and giving readers hope and courage.

This children’s picture book story has a lot of content that can be shared with children, I help you organize the following topics to share and discuss with the children after the reading.

1. Presenting a story full of hope and courage
This picture book tells the story of a furry creature who overcomes the sadness of losing his home and searches for light and friendship, which can bring hope and courage to children and encourage them to face difficulties and challenges.

2. Demonstrate the colorfulness of life
This picture book shows the many faces of life through contrasting images, from darkness to light, from grey to colorful, so that children can understand the diversity of life and respect different forms of life.

3. Learning about the contrast and balance between loss and finding, darkness and light
This picture book shows the contrasts and balances between different aspects of life, such as lost and found, darkness and light. It helps children understand the relationship between these contrasts and learn how to balance the different aspects of life.

4. Cultivate imagination and thinking skills
By discussing the plot and characters in a story, children can develop their imagination and thinking skills, and learn to see things from different perspectives.

5. Understanding the existence of different worlds and life forms
This picture book presents the existence of different worlds and forms of life, thus helping children to understand the diversity of the world and different forms of life, and to develop their cultural and social awareness.

The Dark and the Light picture book is perfect for parents who want to share a story of hope and courage with their children. This story is especially meaningful for children who are experiencing loss or longing for new life. In addition, this picture book is ideal for parents who want to inspire their child’s imagination and thinking skills. By discussing the story’s plot and characters, children can begin to explore the existence of different worlds and forms of life, and learn how to be open-minded and accepting of differences. Finally, this picture book is also suitable for parents who want to encourage their children to value friendships and be grateful for the people and things around them.

Quelle: https://letitia.tw/the-dark-and-the-light/ (Übersetzung aus dem Chinesischen mit Deepl)