Children’s Literature in the Global Age

Oh, wie fein! In den USA wird “The Dark and the Light” auf gelistet.

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How are books selected?
We seek books that…

  • introduce American readers to outstanding authors and illustrators from other countries.
  • are accessible to American readers.
  • have received international awards.
  • possess literary and artistic merit.
  • contain thought-provoking content that invites reflection and response, invokes curiosity, and inspires creative imagination.
  • present world people and cultures in a manner that is worthy and up-to-date.

OmniLibros is an annotated bibliography to help teachers, librarians, reading resource staff, and parents select and use recently (since 2010) published English-language tradebooks that promote understanding across global cultures. For young readers looking for good international reads, it may spark an exploration of new worlds.


Betrieben wird OmniLibros vom Carthage College Center for Children’s Literature.