Oh, wie fein! In den USA wird “The Dark and the Light” auf https://omnilibros.com/2019/07/10/the-dark-and-the-light/ gelistet.

How are books selected?
We seek books that…

  • introduce American readers to outstanding authors and illustrators from other countries.
  • are accessible to American readers.
  • have received international awards.
  • possess literary and artistic merit.
  • contain thought-provoking content that invites reflection and response, invokes curiosity, and inspires creative imagination.
  • present world people and cultures in a manner that is worthy and up-to-date.

OmniLibros is an annotated bibliography to help teachers, librarians, reading resource staff, and parents select and use recently (since 2010) published English-language tradebooks that promote understanding across global cultures. For young readers looking for good international reads, it may spark an exploration of new worlds.

Quelle: https://omnilibros.com

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